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The effects of RF radiation have been linked to many diseases and disorders and a relationship has been established to the potential for even greater physiological damage. Since noise fields function via a temporally incoherent mechanism that has demonstrated the ability to alter the perception of the damaging radiation wave, one must assume that not only have there been changes mediated by the noise field polymer to the number of Normal Human Astrocytes, but that other effects and subsequent physiological implications and health risks that were not evaluated in the realm of this study were also reduced or eliminated. The significance of the change in any resultant parameter of an investigation yields a physiological indicator which can then be used merely to interpret the validity of whether or not a change has occurred. The subsequent interpretation of the nature of this change, based on reproducibility will give us insights into the value of the phenomena. This preliminary investigation yielded results that indicate damaging effects on Normal Human Astrocytes caused by cell phone usage and also the beneficial protective effect of the MRET polymer in totally eliminating those effects. In light of the recent findings on the relationships between cell phone usage and gliomas, the MRET polymer demonstrates a beneficial intervention to protect astrocytes from the combination of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation damage.

There are issues that merit discussion in this preliminary investigation since the experimental design intended to examine the effect of radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by cell phone usage on Normal Human Astrocytes and the potential intervention of these effects by the use of the noise field (MRET) polymer. The unprotected cell phone usage caused a 10.71% decrease in the number of Astrocytes (NHA) when compared to the control value. The MRET protected cell phone usage caused a 17.85% increase in the Astrocyte count. The protective shielding effect of the MRET polymer is statistically significant and the damaging effects of the unprotected cell phone radiation is as well. The addition of the noise field polymer consistently led to the elimination of these effects and in this case a post-incubation increase in astrocytes, a finding that was better than the control. This finding has been consistently corroborated by previous investigations.

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MRET Polymer Replacement Part 2 - YouTube

The MRET polymer can significantly reduce or eliminate both the thermal and non-thermal biological effects of electromagnetic radiation by imposing the random low frequency oscillations (noise field) on RF waves. The theoretical concept of the electromagnetic noise field is related to the ability of the noise field to intervene and offset the thermal effects.

This investigation provides evidence that a one hour exposure of Normal Human Astrocytes to mobile phone radiation in conjunction with a twenty-four (24) hour post exposure incubation decreases the number of astrocytes. The study also confirmed that the application of the MRET polymer on an active mobile phone reduced the negative biological effects of the microwave radiation (EMR) on Normal Human Astrocytes.