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Looking for a mobile phone that is a bit fancier? The Samsung Glyde is an amazing touch screen phone, quite similar to the iPhone. It is truly one of the best phones on the market, as it provides users with a touch screen in addition to a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Thus, it allows users to easily type emails and carry on mobile messaging conversations. This MSN Hotmail mobile phone is also Bluetooth capable, along with featuring a fantastic megapixel camera. MSN messenger and Hotmail users will definitely be pleased with this excellent Verizon mobile phone.

However, Hotmail is not as popular as a pre-installed staple on cell phones, with Gmail and Yahoo Mail taking the place as the leading mobile email clients. Nonetheless, on the go Hotmail users definitely need to access their email no matter where they are, and thankfully, there are a few options for MSN Hotmail mobile users.

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