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My Coyote Nose and Ptarmigan Toes: An Almost-True Alaskan Adventure (PAWS IV)


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"Despite the negative attention get I wouldn't give Lanto up for the world. He is loving and intelligent, smarter than any other dog I have ever owned. I live on two acres of un-fenced land and he is great at staying on the property. He loves running around chasing small rodents (sometimes bringing one home and dropping at my feet as a gift for me) and the chickens that stray into the yard. Lanto does require a firm hand but that is to be expected. I am constantly having to let him know , but he is worth the effort. I love my little Coydog and am looking forward to watching him grow into a life-long companion."

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    I understand Coyotes are varmints and populations are lopsided, but I feel it was a waste of an animal? You can’t eat them and to disgrace them? I have no problem taking edible game but for some odd reason my first coyotes just did not sit right with me and have an odd feeling of remorse.