Artist: snaykSong: My Little Hole

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Halfway into my taking my virginity Daddy was finally awake and aware, he looked into my eyes in surprise at the very same moment my hungry little cherry hole squeezed tight around his big mushroom cockhead and sucked it inside, fully breaking into my little girl virgin hole. The suction and pop of my pussy from daddy's cockhead invasion me squeal, a balloon of wet liquid head grew rapidly inside me...... so close to bursting.. so close to exploding my first wet hot orgasm all over daddy's cock.

Suddenly daddy came alive. In one swift movement his body shifted downward and his cock moved upward.. the big mushroom no longer against my clit, now pushing its way into my little pussy hole. Still kissing Daddy, his eyes still closed, Daddy's hand tightened on my waist and pulled me downward onto his cock.

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    Daddy's surprise grew to shock - he rapidly retreaded his mushroom from my pussy... my horny little hole greedily tried to hold it inside but daddy pulled out hard and fast, so fast my little cherry hole suction-popped again as daddy pulled his dick out.

    I could feel the wetness from my pussy dripping far back around my butt cheeks, all around my little butthole. "Such a bad girl!" Daddy said, and slipped the tip of his tongue into my little ass. "So tight Baby!!"