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Strory of My Life

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But this advantage involves a corresponding disadvantage; the danger of unduly severe mental application. Her mind is so constituted that she is in a state of feverish unrest while conscious that there is something that she does not comprehend. I have never known her to be willing to leave a lesson when she felt that there was anything in it which she did not understand. If I suggest her leaving a problem in arithmetic until the next day, she answers, "I think it will make my mind stronger to do it now."

... Have you seen Kipling's "Dreaming True," or "Kitchener's School?" It is a verystrong poem and set me dreaming too. Of course you have read about the "Gordon MemorialCollege," which the English people are to erect at Khartoum. While I was thinking over theblessings that would come to the people of Egypt through this college, and eventually to Englandherself, there came into my heart the strong desire that my own dear country should in a similarway convert the terrible loss of her brave sons on the "Maine" into a like blessing to the people ofCuba. Would a college at Havana not be the noblest and most enduring monument that could beraised to the brave men of the "Maine," as well as a source of infinite good to all concerned? Imagine entering the Havana harbor, and having the pier, where the "Maine" was anchored onthat dreadful night, when she was so mysteriously destroyed, pointed out to you, and being toldthat the great, beautiful building overlooking the spot was the "Maine Memorial College," erectedby the American people, and having for its object the education both of Cubans and Spaniards! What a glorious triumph such a monument would be of the best and highest instincts of aChristian nation! In it there would be no suggestion of hatred or revenge, nor a trace of the old-time belief that might makes right. On the other hand, it would be a pledge to the world that weintend to stand by our declaration of war, and give Cuba to the Cubans, as soon as we have fittedthem to assume the duties and responsibilities of a self-governing people....

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In early 2010, the next chapter in The Signifiers Universe epic was released: The Signifiers #1. The wacked-out psychedelic epic garnered excellent online reviews and tweets! The second issue was was funded by Kickstarter and published in 2012. My illustrations for a western short story were recently published in the first volume of critically acclaimed novelist Van Reid's new fiction anthology series, The American Zig-Zag. I also illustrated the second, recently published volume.


I realized that Matt had found hers. She answered the question and now she was challenging me to do the same. I’m all in. I’m ready to write the greatest story ever told – a story that will glorify God and accomplish things that could never be done in my own strength. I’m ready to walk on water.

Tommy Stringer, who appears in several of the following letters, became blind and deaf when he was four years old. His mother was dead and his father was too poor to take care of him. For a while he was kept in the general hospital at Allegheny. From here he was to be sent to an almshouse, for at that time there was no other place for him in Pennsylvania. Helen heard of him through Mr. J. G. Brown of Pittsburgh, who wrote her that he had failed to secure a tutor for Tommy. She wanted him brought to Boston, and when she was told that money would be needed to get him a teacher, she answered, "We will raise it." She began to solicit contributions from her friends, and saved her pennies.