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Discovering a new online shopping destination can feel a lot like ..

Amazon has officially released a new ebook store for the Apple iPad that gives customers the ability to purchase books and bypass app restrictions to buy books through iTunes. The new store is online based and able to be accessed via Apple Safari, giving you the ability to download both free and paid books. When you purchase books, they are able to be read via the new Amazon Cloud Reader that was launched a few months ago. You can really tell Amazon is getting behind an extensive cloud based platform to read and buy books with many different web browsers giving users the ability to access the content with a myriad of devices.

Think business cards, flyers, brochures, maybe even larger investments like billboards or outdoor signs. Although splashing your new domain all over the physical world is lots of fun, it IS NOT going to help you find new customers online. And I guarantee you that your potential online audience is at least 1,000 times larger than the audiences your business already has in the physical world.

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So you need to be thinking about where you can promote your business online, in order to find new customers online. Using the physical-world analogy, you need to find the digital equivalents of business cards, flyers, brochures, and billboards where you can tell your story and ask for new customers.

Launching a new online store is an exciting time. I hope you’ll take the additional time required to promote your new store so the world can take advantage of everything you have to offer. Use the checklist above to consider a few of the best places most online store owners are finding their new customers online.