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its sights, Barnes & Noble announces new Nook tablets | Ars Technica

introduced a new Nook tablet this morning, the Samsung-produced Galaxy Tab E Nook. Priced at $249, the idea is to bring a large screen tablet device to the masses for enjoying all of B&N’s content.

Barnes & Noble wants you to know that it invented the market for the e-reader tablet and its new tablet is a helluva lot better than the Amazon Kindle Fire. At its Nook Tablet unveiling today, the retailer pounded Amazon’s new Kindle to a pulp, arguing that the new Nook Tablet (sequel to the Nook Color, which is the best selling tablet outside the iPad) is better in almost every way. The funny thing is, it’s probably true.

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  • Barnes & Noble new Nook tablet, second to iPad?

    I don’t know the exact teardown prices of components of these new Nook HD tablets, but the screens alone would make them not exactly the cheapest run-off-the-mill Chinese droids. They are selling them either at a loss per unit, or around break-even prices at best, IMHO – for the same reason that Kindle Fires are sold at such attractive prices (or indeed, phones on contracts) – they hope to recoup this lost revenue in content sales through the devices, later on. Simple as that – and because of that, they would be hard-pressed, to justify making new Nook HDs a hot-seller, just to enable people to get cool hardware at cool price, and enable them to wave goodbye to B&N’s ecosystem later on. What’s in it for them?

    Today Barnes and Noble pulled the wraps off two new Nook tablets, a 7-inch model and a 9-inch model, both with an emphasis on “HD”. They are already up for pre-order in the United States from , and will also be available in the UK in early November.