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Thriving with Neurofibromatosis Book

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Last year, I organized my Nonfiction 10 for 10 book list around Reading Power strategies. You can read my post This year, I have been particularly interested in Nonfiction books that help children to understand big concepts. These books often create a WOW, while at the same time, help readers to “get their heads around” challenging ideas such as size, numbers and time. So my Nonfiction 10-for-10 list this year focuses on my top ten Nonfiction Concept books.

1 in 3000 people live with Neurofibromatosis

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    One of the things I admire about nonfiction is an author’s ability to convey facts in a very spare text. I especially enjoy it if the text is spare and beautiful. Today, all of my books have two things in common: 1) They are nonfiction picture books. 2) They have poetic texts. Not all of them are rhyming texts, but some of them are.

    I’m excited to participate in my second Nonfiction 10 for 10 event celebrating fantastic nonfiction picture books. Thank you to Cathy Mere from , Mandy Robek of and Julie Balenof for hosting this.