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Night World series by L.J. Smith

One author who managed to largely avoid this fate was L.J. Smith. She is best known for her Vampire Diaries series of books that spawned a very successful television show (I used to watch it but my interest has waned over the years). Yet, I never felt that this was truly the best example of her work. Don’t get me wrong; I read and enjoyed the books back in the day (which aside from some truly god-awful covers were pretty entertaining) but I much preferred her Forbidden Game trilogy, the Dark Visions trilogy, and her longer-running Night World series.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
this is the 8th book in the Night World series which is one of my faves. It starts out as Maggie searches for her older brother miles who's been missing for a couple of days. little did she know she has stumbled upon the most secret place in the Night World. a place ruled by the young vampire prince Delos Redfern. maggie is then sold as a Night World slave and discovers she must find one of the legendary Wild Powers and learns about the battle that is coming at the end of the millennium. in order to do that she must survive in the Night World kingdom and save herself from her soulmate prince delos. this was a excellent book with a great ending!!

Night World--Kriegerin der Nacht NIGHT WORLD Series Lisa J

What did I use to fill in the gaps where the Brionwy scary-future chapters were now gone from Strange Fate? I used new stories about what happens after a year to all the soulmate couples in the Night World series. They all had exciting stories to tell: Ash Redford is doing good deeds to make amends so that Mary-Lynnette will accept him as her soulmate. Poppy has developed her telepathy into a weapon against evil. Rashel and Quinn are married, as are Thierry and Hannah. And one lucky couple is expecting a baby.

It's primarily about vampires, but it also mixes in werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, etc. In these stories, you'll find vampires who've fallen helplessly in love with their human soulmates--but it's the law that any Night Person who loves a human must be punished by death. If you like Damon, you'll probably also like the vampires Ash Redfern, Quinn, and Morgead--not to mention James Rasmussen of Secret Vampire, the first book in the Night World series.