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Godfrey Ho, Director: Ninja Terminator

Back at the Tea Shop, the Ninja realize that Sensei Wu sold his retirement business to make the Ninja new "toys", with Cyrus Borg building them. After hatching a plan to get the Crystal back from Morro, the Ninja head to Stiix, where summoning will begin, in Ronin's shop. When the Ninja arrive at Stiix, they dress up as workers, serving food for the ghosts. Each Ninja botches up the job and distracts the ghosts, giving the Green Ninja time to work towards the shop. When he gets there, the Green Ninja runs into Morro and his gang of ghosts. Taking off the Ninja hood, it reveals Nya, dressed up in Lloyd's gi. While a fight breaks out, it gives Lloyd perfect time to get to the Crystal. Morro finds Lloyd and starts a battle with him, lifting up the shop with his wind power. In the nick of time, Ronin shows up in R.E.X, and dumps coins all over the shop, sending it back to Earth. Inside, Lloyd's just about to destroy the Realm Crystal when Morro comes in and tells Lloyd about his father, saying he awaits him in the Cursed Realm, also saying that if Lloyd destroys the Crystal, he will never see Garmadon again. Right then, the Preeminent wraps Lloyd's limb and pulls him into the Cursed Realm with Morro saying: "Say hello to your father for me."

In Darkness Shall Rise, the Ninja are house hunting. The only house they can afford turns out to be a one bedroom, one half bath apartment without lighting. Jay and Kai argue they need a better place to train Lloyd, and agree to buy an expensive hero suite that's out of their price range. To help pay for this, Zane takes on a job as a professional chef. While fighting snakes, Zane shows the ninja that they can use makeshift weapons.

Godfrey Ho was born in 1948 in Hong Kong as Chi Kueng Ho

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In the second episode (Home), Zane is found by the other ninjas to be weird, and is the odd one out. For example, when Zane cooked food and came out wearing a pink apron, the other ninjas started a food fight and embarrassed Zane. Then he went outside and found a falcon trying to communicate with him. Zane followed the falcon and it showed him where Lloyd Garmadon had begun to build his tree-house fortress, commanding the tribe of Snakes in order to get a foothold in Ninjago. The next day Zane took the other three ninja to the tree house fortress to stop Lloyd. During the battle, Cole, who had been previously hypnotized , was pitched against the ninjas as a distraction while the snakes went to go retrieve their Snake Staff from the monastery. Zane was the one who suggested try to shock Cole out of his trance with lightning. Sensei Wu came and cancelled out the Hypnobrai's powers on Cole using a magic flute, then the ninjas returned to see their monastery only to find it up in flames. When Zane suggested this was a teaching moment, the other ninjas turned on him. Sensei Wu told them to apologize, but just when they were about to, Zane had already flown off on his dragon. Sensei Wu took the ninjas into the desert, where they were stranded without a home. Suddenly Zane returned and said that he hadn't left because of them being upset with him, he had simply seen the falcon again and had followed it. Zane said he had found a new place to live and showed them the ship Destiny's Bounty, which became the ninjas new home. Kai, Cole, Jay and Nya raced into the ship because Zane had made dinner for them. Sensei Wu stayed behind with Zane to speak with him a moment, and told Zane that there was more to him than met the eye. Zane asked if he was destined to become the green ninja but Sensei Wu told him it was too early to tell.

The warlord 's notorious reputation led to several attempts on his life. In 1571, a Kōga ninja and by the name of Sugitani Zenjubō was hired to assassinate Nobunaga. Using two , he fired two consecutive shots at Nobunaga, but was unable to inflict mortal injury through Nobunaga's armor. Sugitani managed to escape, but was caught four years later and put to death by torture. In 1573, Manabe Rokurō, a vassal of daimyo , attempted to infiltrate and assassinate the sleeping Nobunaga. However, this also ended in failure, and Manabe was forced to commit suicide, after which his body was openly displayed in public. According to a document, the , when Nobunaga was inspecting Iga province — which his army had devastated — a group of three ninja shot at him with large-caliber firearms. The shots flew wide of Nobunaga, however, and instead killed seven of his surrounding companions.