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Watch NKOTBSB Perform on the ‘Today’ Show

8:52: Based on my patented Perforated Eardrum Index, most popular NKOTBSB is Nick Carter. But this seems like a crowd with wandering affections.

8:33: Say what you will about NKOTBSB but they’ve still got pull. Tonight’s attendance: 15,169. With another Bell Centre show on Aug. 5, to boot.

all you people, can't you see, can't you see? NKOTBSB :)


ブライアン・リトレル(バックストリート・ボーイズ) (エンターテイメント・トゥナイトより)

NKOTBSB want to do another world tour.

9:06: Easy parallels between NKOTB and BSB. Donnie=A.J. (the Bad Boy). Joey=Nick (the Cute One). Danny= Howie (the One You Forget is in the Band).

8:27: NKOTBSB warming up the crowd by playing videos of their solo ‘hits.’ Or, as it’s known in the business, “setting the bar incredibly low.”