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The No-Salt Cookbook: Reduce or Eliminate Salt Without Sacrificing Flavor


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This delightful hardcover book is full of delicious recipes that will tantalise your tastebuds with the use herbs and spices to add levels of flavour without compromising on taste. Based on the known benefits of the Mediterranean style of cooking, The No Salt Cookbook is full of traditional Italian and Portuguese style dishes ranging from entrees, soups, salads, mains and sweets. There is also a section for the basics – Low Sodium Vegetable, Chicken and Beef Stocks, Sundried Tomatoes and a Low Sodium White Bread.

Beautifully photographed, The No Salt Cookbook has easy to follow instructions for recipes that you will find nutritious and delicious whether you are medically required to reduce salt intake, someone who wishes to simply improve health or someone who loves delicious food.

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If you are following a low-sodium diet for health reasons, or you simply want to cut down on your salt intake, you’ll find the recipes in The No Salt Cookbook easy to make, nutritious and delicious.