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No Screen Saver tab in Display Options

Running screensaver can help you relax your mind and suppose to reduce damage to your display screen. But most importantly, nowadays screensavers are used to mesmerize everyone around them.

I have a problem with my screen saver. My monitor turns all white and no screen saver. I tryed to change screen savers many times --- the same problem. It is very difficult to go from this white screen to my desktop --- I must click with my mouse many times and push ESC many times. Tochscreen does not work when this white screen appears. Yesterday, my laptop showed me a blue screen after I pushed ESC. Please help. I have HP 15 TS Notebook.

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Group Policy Setting


Hide screen saver tab

Removes Screen Saver tab from Display in Control Panel.

No screen saver

Enable to prevent any screen savers from running.

Screen saver executable name

Specifies the screen saver for the users desktop and prevents changes.

Password protect the screen saver

Enable to set passwords on all screen savers. Disable to prevent passwords from being used on all screen savers.

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“Not the screen saver we used before but to power down the CCFL tubes and save their lifespan. These lamps dim in just a few years so you can extend this by using the power save feature and thus extend the screen’s (the CCFLs) life.

I have tried the loopback processing option...but I am not getting the desired results. I want to use security filtering on the GP called "No Screen Saver" so that if I have a user or PC the needs the screen saver blocked, I just have to drop the PC or the user object in the security group and it enforces the setting.