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There are plenty of Barnes & Noble stores, but this one is popular among Manhattanites because of its vast selections of books, as well as having four floors full of good reads. Each floor has a different theme. The first floor has mainly popular books and new releases. The second floor houses expansive children’s section, as well as a play area. The third floor has a Starbucks, periodicals, and the bargain books. The final fourth floor houses the majority of the store’s fiction and is a favorite among bookies because of the weekly free poetry and book readings.

How many Barnes and Noble locations are there in the U.S.?
There are 689 Barnes and Noble bookstores in the U.S. There are also an additional 677 college bookstores.

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    Are there any independent bookstores in Queens?
    There was one independent bookstore in Queens-Seaburn Books but it is now closed. There are currently five Barnes and Noble stores in that borough.

    While Norris said he can see the attraction of wanting to sell a part of the business due to the rapid growth pace, he can’t pinpoint how it would bring value to the physical Barnes & Noble stores whose revenues have become largely dependent on the popular device.