How does Amazon's Kindle Fire HD (7") compare to the Nook HD?.

Barnes & Noble NOOK HD Tablet 8GB Slate (BNTV400-8GB-SLATE)


Find your movies not supported by Nook HD/HD+? Check for a solution.

The Nook HD from bookstore giant Barnes and Noble makes some big claims for such a small tablet, as it looks to steal the limelight at the budget end of the market.

With the likes of the similarly priced and for company at the £159 price point, plus the slightly more expensive , the Nook HD really needs to bring the fight if it wants to succeed.

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  • Scott Atkinson // 29 December, 2013 at 7:52 pm // Reply

    Let me rise in (limited) defense of the Nook HD. Going back a bit, at the time B & N cut prices last summer it was the hands down best budget tablet. As you point out, some good budget alternatives have emerged.

    However, here’s one thing the Nook HD has that makes it worth $130 to me – a good dock, with a decent analog audio output. I use the Nook HD for one thing only, as an online radio tuner at my office, wired to a decent set of speakers (Audio Engine 2s). It makes for a splendid radio, and the Nook’s custom interface – which has rightly been criticized as pokey – works pretty well in this context.

  • Advantages of Nook HD over Kindle HD

    Originally launched with a very much locked down operating system, the Nook HD has now received a software update which has seen the likes of Google Play and Google Chrome land on the tablet, and we've updated this review accordingly.

    Another trump card for the Nook HD is its display, packing an eye-popping 1440x900 resolution with a 243ppi density – making it the stand-out candidate in the 7-inch market.