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Maine Game Warden's from North Woods Law

Warden Warriors

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NORTH WOODS LAW follows Maine's elite game-warden service. Check it out on Animal Planet.

And the Little Ones Too

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North Woods Law - friday 9pm - Animal Planet--that's Kris Mccabe...very nice guy!

Lost and Found

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Created in 2012, North Woods Law follows the activities of the Maine Warden Service, a law enforcement agency that protects the animals and habitats of the vast Maine wilderness.

In NORTH WOODS LAW, Animal Planet follows the true adventures of the elite Maine Warden Service, one of the nation’s original guardians of the great outdoors. Saving lives and fighting crime across the most heavily wooded state in the Lower 48, encompassing 18-million acres of rugged wilderness, the game wardens’ beat begins where the pavement ends. Whether they’re rescuing animals in distress, tracking poachers or chasing fugitives, the wardens are never far from danger. But these wardens aren’t on patrol just to catch the bad guys. When hikers or hunters vanish into the North Woods, the game wardens are responsible for locating and bringing them home safely.

Maine Game Wardens on the Animal Planet show "North Woods Law".

"North Woods Law," an Animal Planet series on Maine's game wardens

Northwoods Law is the series that brought me back to Animal Planet. I enjoy watch these shows ad well as Rugged Justice, your few other 1 to 5 episodes of other state game wardens. Animal Planet has the opportunity to reach all ages. Please renew your Game Warden Shows

I’m very sad that North Woods Law is cancelled. It’s one of the best shows on tv. There are so few shows that are as wholesome and inspirational for our children. It teaches them responsibility and accountability for our environment, and instills a sense of honor. We need more of these shows, not less!