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One of those features is your nose. When you have a big nose that’s like a golden ticket to be on the receiving end of countless jokes and insults. We have the best collection of big nose jokes insults on the Internet. We’ve taken anything funny or viral we could find about gum, including what you’ve sent us, and added them here.

Following our recent Gagathon in Derby's Market Place with BBC East Midlands Today weatherman Des Coleman, you've been sending us your Red Nose jokes.

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    Some common yet funny big nose jokes include: "Excuse me, is that your nose or did a bus park on your face?" and "Your nose is so big, it has its own zip code." Other jokes include: "Excuse me, you have a face on your nose." and "Your nose is so big there is an echo when you inhale."

    People make all sorts of different big nose jokes. Although they target big noses, the jokes tend to be short and quippy. While jokes can be a fun source of entertainment, it is wise to know when a joke is about to cross a line into the offensive. There are several websites that offer “big nose" jokes in addition to the ones listed above, allowing for added variety when sharing with friends.