NY Times Bestsellers list nonfiction:

Best Sellers: The Path (A boy gets lost on a path and along the way discovers the meaning of life) [Best Sellers] (Best Sellers, Best Sellers List ... Sellers,Kindle Best Sellers, Bestseller)

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NY Times Bestsellers list nonfiction: ​

(That is a FAKE NYT Bestseller list from the book by Steve Healy, HOW I BECAME A FAMOUS NOVELIST. I hope you are able to read the very funny titles.)

Some of hitting the list has to do with the timing of your book. There are weeks when it’s easier to make the list than the others. I did a series of posts for the literary agency where I work a couple years ago about the NYT best sellers list which some might find interesting:

NY Times Bestsellers list nonfiction: ​

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  • NY Times Bestsellers list nonfiction: ​

    I hate the NYT Best Seller list. It only took me three times buying one of their “Best Sellers” to realize my taste was their taste. I like action, emotional encounters, a story that moves along at a decent clip without all the wasted words in flowery prose. Not the slow, boring, so-what? stories they seem to like to push for the east coast publishing houses, or perhaps their friends who happen to be writers.

    This isn’t the first large purchase of books by a Republican candidate, but it seems to be the first at retail prices purchased through a brick and mortar retail store like Barnes and Noble. And, as long as Trump doesn’t accept royalties, or possibly donates them to a charity, he is going to get away with what some are saying was an attempt to scam his book back onto the NYT best sellers list.