Octonauts Gup X Shoot and Rescue Vehicle

Fisher-Price Octonauts Launch and Rescue Gup X Vehicle


fisher price octonauts gup x launch and rescue octonauts gup

We love the Octonauts on Disney Junior and the BBC! See all of our Surprise videos

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The Octonauts appear on both Disney Junior in the USA and the BBC in the UK.

This video features the Disney Junior Octonauts Gup X Mission Vehicle. The Gup X is three vehicles in one. It is the main Mission Vehicle but it also has a detachable piece for exploring and a small vehicle that comes out the back for surfing.


- Comes with Barnacles

- The Gup X Mission Vehicle fires four slime frisbees - and each time you fire a slime disc the Gup X talks!

- The back of the mission vehicle opens up for the holding tank and the strectcher.

- A winch can be connected to the front to pull in the stretcher or animals.

- It can not be used in water (unlike some of the other Gup vehicles)

Final Verdict - The Gup X Mission is one of the best Octonaut toys - a sure fire hit to any fan of Disney Junior Octonauts.

5 Stars
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The Octonauts Gup X shoot and Rescue vehicle toy is much bigger than the other gups for sale (obviously!). It is three different toys in 1 and is so far, the only Gup toy that is battery-powered.

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