(The first book in the Odd Thomas series)

Odd Thomas: An Odd Thomas Novel


I love Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series.

Odd Thomas Synopsis: Odd Thomas is the first book of the Odd Thomas series. The main character is appropriately enough named Odd Thomas. Odd is 20 and works as a fry cook in the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California. He is able to see and communicate with ghosts. Odd’s extra-sensory abilities will lead him to the Fungus Man and when Odd breaks into his house, he finds that the Fungus Man has a room dedicated to serial killers! He also finds a calendar that reveals the date of an event. Can Odd put a stop to this plot in time?

And the reason I decided to write about the Odd Thomas series now, over 3 years after I read the first book, is because the first in the series was recently made in to a “made for TV movie”. I have to admit, the fact that it did not make it to the big screen had me seriously skeptical. I thought for sure the movie would suck, but I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, yes, there were things they left out: they did not explore Little Ozzie’s character much at all, only showing him once and not ever delving in to his importance as a mentor for Odd in the series. Then probably because of the difficulty of finding a perfect Elvis look-alike, they left the whole Elvis side kick thing out. But there were a lot of ways they stayed true to the books and made me pleased.

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  • Odd Interlude
    Good Guy. Bad Place. Wrong Time.
    RRP $14.99
  • Odd Hours
    Odd Thomas Series : Book 4
    RRP $19.99

Praise for and Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series

Top Ten Dean Koontz Books. Love Dean Koontz for a little light reading at bedtime, especially the Odd Thomas series. Odd is a very old soul in a young body, able to keep the darkness at bay.

Dean Koontz began the Odd Thomas book series in 2003 with the title novel, Odd Thomas, and is still ongoing. The series is currently being adapted into a feature film by director Stephen Summers. Below is a list of the books in the Odd Thomas series in order: