Older books typically cost more

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The copyright on any book runs out 100 years after its original publication. A few decades ago, this meant that any company could repackage classics and sell them for an amazing markup. Nowadays, it means that students can track down many older books on the Internet and obtain them at no cost.

This guide addresses some frequently asked questions about rare and older books and their values. The answers are meant only as general responses to these questions, and many possible exceptions are not described. No attempt has been made to identify or to evaluate individual books, nor does RBMS have the resources to respond to such requests. The appendix lists online and print resources for more information on the questions covered.

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Older books typically cost more

First Edition

First printing of a book

Most sought-after by book collectors

Often indicated on the copyright page with a label such as, First Printing, First Published, or First Impression

Author Reputation

First books by well-known authors often have more value

Popular books by popular authors tend to have lower value


Authentic signature by author significantly boosts value

Falsified signatures may detract from value


Old books are seldom in perfect condition

Water damages, stains, and ripped pages diminish book value

Your Old Books is also available as a compact PDF ..

A Much Younger Man – written by Dianne Highbridge and unfortunately not available on Kindle. It is an older book and deals with an extreme (to me) age difference and as it is based in Australia, with their age of consent. It is not a long book, but absolutely beautifully written – from the reviews on Amazon, it is clear that the writing style is not everyone’s cup of tea. Due to the age difference, I didn’t know whether I should hope for them to be together or not . I reread my faves all the time and this is the one I have reread most – can you tell I love the book??