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You may have received a test push notification titled “Olive Tree Notification Test: Please Ignore this.” This test push notification was part of our going QA process in our efforts to make the Olive Tree Bible App faster and more reliable. We are constantly testing our apps and functionality to better serve our Olive Tree community. This involves testing and checking our features and functionality like our push notification system, to make sure they are performing smoothly and how we can make them better. Sometimes we make mistakes in that process and things don’t go as planned.

One of the most popular resources to use in the Olive Tree Bible App is a Strong’s tagged Bible. This Bible study tool gives you access to the Hebrew and Greek that the Bible was originally written in. See how it works in the video below.

The Olive Tree Bible Study App: Review And Note Taking Tips

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To read the text and view the illustrations in the , simply select the NIV Beautiful WordBible as your preferred Bible translation in the main window. Tapping on any of the images will bring it up in its own window, where you can pinch to zoom in. The Bible text has been designed for viewing in a single pane. This allows you to scroll up and down to see the images inline and in context with the verse from which they are drawn. Or use the Verse Chooser to go directly to any Bible chapter and verse you like. And as with any Olive Tree Bible text, you can add your own notes, highlight words or verses, and bookmark your favorite passages.

And the visually appealing illustrated Bible verses from the NIV Beautiful Word Bible are available for you in the Olive Tree Bible App, even if you have a different Bible text open. Just tap and drag the split window to access the Resource Guide in the App.