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With Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Richard Kind, Bill Hader

Inside Out (Theatrical)

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Bring Home the Little Voices Inside Your Head - Inside Out

Inside Out

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From the Disney Pixar film Inside Out

Inside Out


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Inside|Out has returned in 2016 to install 40 artworks across eight neighborhoods and outdoor spaces! Use the to find Inside|Out installations, get more information about the art and artists, and listen to local community members talking about selected works. Find Inside|Out experiences on social media by searching #InsideOutAkron.

The cinematographers chose imperfect and spot-on focuses for the outside and inside worlds. They additionally went for very controlled, mechanical camera movements inside the mind, using dollies, tracks, booms, or cranes, which emulated classical filmmaking. They even devised “moving master shots” to combine several actions in one sequence (the longest of which is 48 seconds or 1,200 frames).

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Inside Out (2015) - Rotten Tomatoes

Inside Out was inspired by Peter Docter’s daughter Ellie. As she was growing up Docter was trying to figure out what she was thinking. She was high spirited and spunky little girl. Then suddenly in her tweens Ellie had become quiet and withdrawn and it made Docter wonder, ‘what’s going on in her head and why is she changing?’”

The very first time I saw I knew it would be an instant classic. The emotional tale had it all: a touching story, a star-studded cast, and a ton of heart. I'll admit, I cried more than once, and still do every time I see certain scenes-because it's just that good. To celebrate how much I love the film, I've compiled a list of fun facts you probably didn't know about Inside Out. Enjoy!