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Camille’s Paleo Kitchen is here to show the world that cooking can be nutritious, delicious, affordable and fun for the whole family. Camille believes that cooking delicious paleo meals at home is the key to having a happy, healthy family. The paleo diet is based on the types of foods eaten by early humans, consisting mostly of wild and organic meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and lots of healthy fats. It seeks to unwind the damage caused by the Standard American Diet and generally excludes grains, legumes, refined and processed food and dairy.

Almond meal (or flour) can be used for numerous recipes in the paleo kitchen, including baked goods as well as for breading things like chicken strips and chicken fried steak. A good, blanched almond flour will make for a much better texture in baked goods, though I have used some that has not been blanched that has worked fine. The key is to make sure it is finely ground, as some brands tend to be rather coarse and cause baked goods to come out grainy.

Eggs Benedict a la The Paleo Kitchen

    • 7 months ago
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    Eggs are an excellent source of nutrition on a paleo diet! Because the paleo diet removes many conventional breakfast choices such as cereal and toast, eggs become a staple in a paleo kitchen! Make sure they come from hens allowed to free range out on pasture, and if you can get them from a local farmer, that is ideal! One key to note is that the darker the color of the yolk, the more nutritious the egg!

    Coconut oil is an incredibly nutritious and tasty oil used frequently in the paleo kitchen. It can be used to replace butter or oil of just about any kind in just about any recipe. It has a ton of good fat and the nutritional benefits are many!