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Palm Court String Quartet - Rumour Entertainments Ltd

Alyson King, Cello, began playing cello at the age of 10. Alyson studied under Melissa Brown of the Alcott ensemble and Paul Ross of the Portland String Quartet. She has played with various orchestras in New England and Florida, most recently with the Venice Symphony. She is thrilled to be part of the Palm Strings Quartet. Alyson also enjoys playing music at home with her young daughters who are violinists!

Donna performs locally as a solo violinist and pianist and also with Palm Strings Quartet and the Venice Symphony, along with other organizations in Southwest Florida. She has been a church musician for over 20 years and currently serves as pianist for local churches to provide music for worship services. Donna is music director and pianist for Epiphany Cathedral’s Contemporary Mass and also the music director, organist, and choir director at Lakeside Lutheran Church. Both churches are located in Venice, FL

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Palm Strings Quartet

Simple music to augment the mood of any function - an incentive, a convention, a wedding - an elegant event of any sort. Palm Strings is quite well known in restaurants, wineries, and in conferences and private parties throughout the Western Cape. They also perform regularly in churches and concert halls, as well. The high quality of their performances attest to the excellent reputation they have acquired. Whatever the function for which you are seeking top notch music, Palm Strings versatile repertoire can provide the right atmosphere. If you are seeking a specific classical sound, the Palm Strings quartet (2 violins, viola and cello) has provided the right touch for the right moment for over a decade.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you..
'The most frightening band in the world' The Palm Strings Quartet!
AKA Captain Mysteron & the Destinators
(Featuring The Launderettes).
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