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If you enjoy the actual tabletop game, then you’ll like the Pandemic iOS game, because it’s the exactly the same, only more fun to play solo. Something about the iOS version doesn’t feel like you’re playing by yourself. You also have the option to pass-and-play if you have others nearby to pass-and-play with.

Pandemic 3 gives players complete involvement and players enjoy using different attributes and help options. The map and notifications are much helpful and players make use of different strategies to win in the games. With the increase in online audience, a number of websites deliver quality gaming environment for people. It is interesting and much thrilling to get into online websites and play pandemic games. The options and support is phenomenal and it is a game open to people with above 10 years of age. Online gaming is highly interactive with better functionality offered by different gamign platforms for gaming enthusiasts.

Pandemic Board Game Tutorial - Game Setup

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Pandemic Board Game Play Through: Part One

Players can team up and each team can have 2 to 4 players and an additional character. Players have the choice to choose any mode of play, disease, symptom and the regions. With realistic and relaxed modes of plays, players choose modes based on their experience in pandemic games. It is difficult for any beginner to start with realistic games as it is difficult to evolve and spread diseases and gain evolution points. Players need to kill all human in the globe to take a win. Game doesn’t proceed when players do not kill even a single human with the spread of the disease and players lose the game.

The first red flag: no online multiplayer. As a fan of the physical Pandemic board game, I'd never had an experience with the game that didn't involve playing with friends, and the shamed and unclaimed wing of the Pocket Tactics morgue is full of board game ports that . And even if we were willing to let that slide, the first batch of Pandemic screenshots (full of tabletop board game cubes) made it look like the most boringly literal translation of the cardboard game we'd ever seen.