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Paper Republic: The Struggle for Money, Credit and Independence in the Republic of Texas


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Not only stocking the items one expects to find in Florence… The best , fine Italian calf- leather journals, passport holders, notebooks and wine logbooks, Instituto Fotocromo Italiano vintage calendars, exquisite leather bags from Florence, and luxurious boxed Florentine writing paper and box sets, but they house an abundance of worldly delights; Expect to find a huge selection of stationery, greeting cards and specialty papers from around the globe, including Belgium, USA and Canada, in a variety of colors, textures, weights and finishes. Not confined to paper, they carry journals and diaries from Germany, Canada and the UK, calendars from the USA, paper napkins from the Netherlands, pencils from Japan, locally produced soaps, pure essential oils, and of course a vast selection of writing accoutrements, inkwells, colored wax seals, archival boxes for storing photos and…well, the list goes on…a global treasure trove, Paper Republic.

“Customers often comment that the Paper Republic store is reminiscent of fine stationery stores in Italy and other parts of Europe which is exactly what I set out to achieve and Rossi products complement the overall look and feel of the store.”

What is paper republic about and what’s the story behind?

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What is special about paper republic notebooks?

For the second year in a row, Paper Republic is working with the to organize a small literary festival around the fair itself. In Beijing, August 20–28.

Paper Republic’s Grand Voyageur is a notebook system consisting of a leather cover and a range of refills. Available direct from , the smaller version I’m reviewing here costs €40 for a cover and plain refill, with free embossing of your initials should you so wish. Mine is the cognac version – covers are also available in red or black. There is a larger size available for €60.