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From the above, we can see that the claims to a "perfect, pure Arabic Qur'an" are somewhat exaggerated, to say the least. This hyperbolic claim is typical of much of mainline Islamic treatment of the Qur'an, which tends to hold that the Qur'an was delivered directly to Mohammed from Allah, and that it has not changed an iota since it's revelation. Most traditional Muslim theologians are loathe even to consider that the Qur'an has a textual history behind it, or that it has been altered and edited to any degree at all. However, we can see that the presence of foreign loan-words (despite having perfectly acceptable Arabic counterparts) as well as certain grammatical errors embedded in the text, points to a more mundane point of origin for this book. This would be the logical conclusion both on the basis of the fact that Surah 16:103's claim is disproven, and also from the general supposition that a book handed down from God would presumably be free from grammatical errors.

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Indeed, the general understanding of commentators at this point, both Muslim and non-Muslim, has been just this: the purity and perfection of the Quranic Arabic proves it to be above human ability to produce or reproduce. The prevailing Muslim view is that the Arabic of the Qur'an is perfect because Arabic is the language of heaven, and thus revelation handed down from Allah to his final messenger Mohammed will necessarily be in flawless Arabic as well. So the question then becomes one of whether or not the Qur'an stands up to scrutiny directed toward this claim.