Peter Aitchison of Winnipeg, MB. – with his grandkids.

Geographies of Muslim Identities: Diaspora, Gender and Belonging (Re-Materialising Cultural Geography)

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Peter Aitchison of Winnipeg, MB. – with his grandkids.

Peter Aitchison, speaking in October about the fence, built by a neighbour, which blocked sweeping views of Wellington Harbour and the city from he and wife Sylvia's Roseneath apartment.

After the court’s ruling on Friday, Peter Aitchison said the structure had now been up so long – almost a year – that he could hardly remember what the view was like.

Peter Aitchison of Winnipeg, MB. – near the Gothic Glacier

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The Rolling Stones by Peter Aitchison - 5.875" x 8.000"

Peter Aitchison in front of the fence that is blocking harbour views from his Wellington home. He had now won a court case against his neighbour, David Walmsley, who erected the fence.

Speaking from "exile" in Auckland, Peter Aitchison said the couple had been "escaping Wellington" to their house in Taupo to avoid the stress of legal wrangling, plus the walled-in, claustrophobic feel of their $1.6 million apartment in the suburb of Roseneath.