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There is a lot of bad rotoscoping in the film (it's much more noticeable on Blu-ray) and the majority of it doesn't work for the better. The Orcs look like a bunch of cheap costumed actors, especially when the gorilla-headed ones show up. The Balrog looks like a complete joke. Then there's the infamous Prancing Pony customers. Samwise is a gonk and reduced to mere comic relief, despite Merry and Pippin being able to fill that role. Boromir looks like a common mercenary instead of having a regal appearance about him. Peter Woodthorpe plays Gollum like he's just talking to himself. The pacing with the plot isn't particularly good. During Boromir's death scene, the Orcs seem to move around like a bunch of idiots throughout most of it. The Wargs are essentially pointless and I swear the one time where they attack someone is painted over stock footage, which doesn't work for the better of the film. One thing I noticed on the Blu-ray is that the colors looked washed out. I'm not sure if this is because the film was improperly remastered or because the film is just that dated.

Christopher Guard as Frodo (voice)
William Squire as Gandalf (voice)
Michael Scholes as Sam (voice)
John Hurt as Aragorn (voice)
Simon Chandler as Merry (voice)
Dominic Guard as Pippin (voice)
Norman Bird as Bilbo (voice)
Michael Graham Cox as Boromir (voice)
Anthony Daniels as Legolas (voice)
David Buck as Gimli (voice)
Peter Woodthorpe as Gollum (voice)
Fraser Kerr as Saruman (voice)
Philip Stone as Theoden (voice)
Michael Deacon as Wormtongue (voice)
André Morell as Elrond (voice)

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  • Aug. 31, 1999, 2:28 a.m. CST

    Peter Woodthorpe is Gollum

    by Kal

    Peter Woodthorpe is the only possible voice for Gollum. I know other people have said this and me too, but beg, borrow or steal the BBC Radio 4 version of LOTR, his Gollum is fantastic. I believe he was the voice used in the Bakshi version ( I may be wrong about that one) In fact as soon as I get my CD's I intend to record the MP3alize the Gollum segments and send them to Harry. Can't you use cookies so that we don't have to type in the login/password combo ?

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    This is a scene from the brilliant 1981 BBC Radio production of J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings. Bill Nighy played Sam, Peter Woodthorpe played Gollum, and Ian Holm played Frodo. 20 years later, Ian Holm would play *Bilbo* Baggins in Peter Jackson's film adaptations.

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