Little girl petting Piggy Lou at a Kelly’s St. Paddy’s Day Parade

The Pigman


A baby zombie pigman riding a .

During Compton’s trial, Vanderburgh Superior Judge Robert Pigman authorized a local reporter to tweet about courtroom proceedings after he advised jurors and witnesses not to use the internet to gather information about the case.

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A zombie pigman riding a minecart.

Zombie Pigman
Health Points 20HP (10x )
Attack Strength Easy -
5HP (2.5x )

Normal -
9HP (4.5x )
Hard -
13HP (6.5x )

Drops 0-1 Rotten Flesh

0-1 Gold Nugget(s)
Rare: Enchanted Gold Sword, Gold Helmet

Spawn Any light level in the Nether, or when a pig is struck by lightning
Network ID 57
Savegame ID PigZombie
Experience Points 5

Like regular zombies, zombie pigmen have an attack animation.

The small duration of strength may seem like a major downside to this ability, but the burning effect adds up to this. A Pigman should be able to land two hits with the strength, which would deal double damage with a diamond sword, which is devastating, and if the fight is in a hole or in a closed space, the ring of fire will deal more than enough damage to finish your opponent. The ring of fire deals true(not affected by armor or effects) damage, and disappears after the Pigman dies. NOTICE : the Pigman receives 10 energy per hit.Notice this Ability has been Nerfed

They will not knock down doors to get to the player as that is an advantage. Zombie Pigman will drop 0-1 rotten flesh, 0-1 golden nugget, they rarely drop their golden swords (sometimes enchanted) and a golden ingot. They will give 5 experience points when killed.