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For a project centered on community, it is fitting that Oxton and Gohman have built a microcosm of St. Cloud culture to aid with their project. The leadership team of "A Place at the Table" is comprised of individuals with connections to the city's various diverse populations; they themselves are representative of Russia, Somalia, Colombia, Kenya and beyond.

"A Place at the Table" will also coincide with ceramics classes coordinated by Gohman, in order to teach members of the community about cultural food and ceramics traditions.

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A Place at the Table

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"A Place at the Table" calls for community submissions of recipes and the stories that make those recipes special. While Oxton's original goal was to compile recipes that are representative of the "over 65 countries or regions of the world" that the people of St. Cloud may call home, she also says that "the stories might actually be more important than the recipes".

Oxton, director of education and outreach at the Paramount Center for the Arts, along with Melissa Gohman, visual arts director at the Paramount, has launched "A Place at the Table", a yearlong project which will involve community recipe sharing and arts classes, and will culminate in a published cookbook as well as a celebration event at the Paramount on May 4.