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Welcome to Planets for Kids I really hope you enjoy theinformation that I have provided on this website. You will find lots ofinformation about our solar system with lots of questions and answersand games for you to play. We also have a color in section where youcan download pictures and have fun. Remember everything here is"Kid-friendly" so lets get started....

The best plants for kids are the ones they want to grow. I’ve been gardening with my children since they were old enough to eat the dirt (the older one is 10 now), and they enjoy the experience so much more when they get in there and pick out their own plants or seed packets. However, it doesn’t hurt to try to steer them in the right direction. Load up the little one in your life and hit the garden center to pick out one of these perfect plants for kids.

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Kids not only enjoy plants having various shapes and colors but those they can smell, taste, touch and hear. Let’s take a look at some fun plants for kids.

Kids love colorful flowers in a variety of shapes. Here are some great selections to try:Scented plants awaken their sense of smell. Good choices here include:Vegetables are always considered fun plants for kids. They not only germinate quickly but can also be eaten once they have matured. Many vegetables are now available in unusual colors, shapes and sizes (from speckled beans, yellow tomatoes and red carrots to miniature cucumbers and pumpkins). Not only do kids love to eat produce harvested from their own garden, but the fun colors add excitement to the experience. Here are some good choices to start with:Children love to touch soft, fuzzy plants. Some favorites include:Some plants make interesting sounds. These plants can also be fun for kids.Kids love anything that awakens their senses. Giving them the opportunity to fill a garden of their own with their favorite fun plants is a great way to encourage continual interest with this popular pastime.