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Pokémon: The First Movie

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In many ways, Entei is an experiment in which the Pokemon movie series; you can feel the filmmakers trying to figure out how to use the franchise to make a compelling, standalone feature. The bad news is, the film is not a major success. The good news of all this is that the lessons earned from Entei were not in vain as we shall see next time when we look at Movie #4, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter.

While it did adjust the course for future Pokemon movies for the better, Entei itself is unfortunately a rather mediocre film that feels like it was created haphazardly, with some ambition about how to be great, but poor cohesion and execution.

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Legendary was acquired in January by Chinese entertainment giant Wanda for $3.5 billion. The Pokemon movie deal is the third major project it’s acquired in less than a month,, and an untitled project set up this week for “The Birth of a Nation” producer-director Nate Parker.

So with the pokemon go craze and the amount of money you could make if you made a serious pokemon movie, you want to make “detective pikachu”… its such a foolish idea, and in fact its going to ruin the possibility of good live action movies if its bad enough…