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Every fandom has them, that one piece of merchandise or memorabilia that directly connects the fan to the series, or the series characters, or perhaps to their childhood, or more simple time in their life. Star Wars collectors have the original Kenner figures, and realistic light sabers, Star Trek collectors buy pieces of the set, and Ghostbusters fans have their proton packs. My fandom is what many may consider a little lower on the geek totem pole. What am I talking about? Power Rangers, and what is the center piece for my fandom? The Original Mighty Morphin Power Ranger power morpher.

Anyway, that concludes my first and probably last Power Rangers Morpher review. Stay tuned as I promise that my next video really will be of the Gripphone.

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Power Rangers Power Ranger Samuraizer Morpher - Sears

Power Rangers Megaforce Bandai Gosei Morpher Review / Sound Test.

The Gosei Morpher comes with 10 Power Cards (5 Red Ranger themed cards and 5 Anniversary Red Rangers cards).

Gosei Morpher Video with 170+ Phrases

Harness the power of the Gosei Morpher and unlock the secrets of the cards. Gosei, the ultimate symbol of good, has bestowed this morpher to a group of not-so-average teenagers in order to save the earth from evil. Now the Power Rangers can morph, call their Zords into battle and arm themselves with ranger battle gear using this Morpher. Featuring lights and sounds, this Morpher opens to allow you to place a card inside -- Just like the TV show. The Morpher comes with 10 cards that unlock 10 phrases and sound effects. Collect additional cards to unlock even more phrases -- 180 phrases in all. Many items in the Power Rangers Megaforce line include a card that can be used with this Morpher. Collect them all. .

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If you know the Power Ranger’s television show, you know that the Power Rangers morph and change when going into battle with evil. The Gosei Morpher is part of the gear needed for a Power Ranger to go into battle.