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Prentice Hall Literature 2012 Common Core Student Edition Grade 12


Prentice Hall Literature Common Core Edition

In one of the numerous Prentice Hall literature books he gave me, I came across the Negritude Movement and its foremost proponent, Leopold Sedar Senghor. Senghor eventually became the first President of Senegal. He was erudite, a poet, a philosopher and he personally drafted the Senegalese National Anthem “Pincez tous vos koras.”

Another interesting interaction with this wonderful land is through the pages of literature. I studied Science in the Senior High School. The woman who took me through English language, Miss Sandra Arhinful really whipped up my interest in literature. An unusual phenomenon for a Science student. After Senior High School, I began to consume books like air. I began to buy books with a sensation many will describe as lunacy. My friend Hanif Cisse usually provided me with Prentice Hall literature books.

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