So prepare to be wrong, and dare to be original.

Prepare to Be Wrong


Prepare To Be Wrong | Allison Maruska

I’m a great fan of Ken Robinson, and that quote is a great one. Prepare to be wrong, and dare to be original; or maybe the other way round. Most of all dare to be yourself and not follow the pack. Thank you for the reminder. I needed it right now.

Moving even further away from anything remotely "emo," Straylight Run followed its impressive debut with this 2005 EP. On PREPARE TO BE WRONG, the ensemble focuses its energy on moody rock rooted in catchy melodies and dynamic guitar-piano interplay. Along with compelling originals, Straylight Run also offers up a spare, piano-based version of Bob Dylan's "With God on Our Side," a remarkable performance that bodes well for the ever-evolving band.

Prepare to be wrong is the subtext of my life

Writers, Prepare to Be Wrong | A Writer's Path

sees Straylight Run trying to reach out to a broader audience. The only real track that has any real pop-appeal is, unsurprisingly, the single, . Now it's been known that many bands are democratic, anti-war, whatever. I don't care. A band like Straylight Run going protest? Intriguing. For a band who's debut theme felt like sitting on the front porch waiting for something to happen to take such a sharp veer to the left is a surprising move. Lines like "Italicized Lies/ Headlines/ Bold Type" are a shockigly blatant attack on media propoganda, taking the American Idiot theme to a far more gentle, but just as angry level. The song builds with amazing repressed intenstiy, and John and Michelle harmonize so beautifully, it's gut-wrenching. The song begins to take on a scary feel when John croons, almost insanely, the line "We Want You/ Have To/ Neeeeeeed You/ And We'll tell you when they're hungry again/ It never ends..." Michelle comes in and screams the final line with a haunting echo, and the march of a thousand soldiers enters. Words cannot describe the two minutes that follow. Powerful? Yes. Epic? Yes. Genius?... Yes. I can't put it into sentences, but just prepare to be entranced. Prepare to forget everything you knew about Straylight Run. Maybe, as the EP's title suggests, Prepare To Be Wrong.