Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies

People: Princess Camilla of Bourbon-two Sicilies, Prince Charles of Bourbon-two Sicilies

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The Ice Princess: A Novel


People: Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

Euronews reporter Laurence Alexandrowicz has been talking to Princess Camilla, Duchess of Castro, husband of Charles of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. The couple live in Monaco and are close friends with Prince Albert and Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco.

Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro and wife of Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro, wearing the Castro Dragonfly Tiara, Italy (ca. 1900; made by Chaumet; rubies, diamonds, gold).

People: Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies

ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
The Ice Princess by Camila Lackberg is the first book in her Patrik Hedstrom series capitalizing on the popularity of Scandinavian noir. Erica Falck has returned to her hometown of Fjallbacka, Sweden to deal with the estate of her parents, leaving behind an unsuccessful career and unfulfilled dreams in the big city. Shortly after her return, she discovers the body of her childhood best friend, Alex, frozen in the bathtub, apparently dead by suicide. The two women hadn't spoken in years, but Erica is still driven to discover, at first, why Alex, who seemed to have a perfect life, would kill herself, and later to find the identity of Alex's murderer. Sparks fly between Erica and police detective Patrik, and the two bond over the investigation. The case brings up long buried secrets of the community, including secrets about Erica's own childhood. Lackberg's writing pulls the reader into the story through detailed scenes and creating great tension. She leaves the impression that everyone in this small town is hiding secrets, making Sweden seem very dark and mysterious, the perfect home for noir. The story was compelling and will keep readers guessing. Patrik is a strong lead for future books in the series, and I look forward to reading them!

People: Princess Camilla of Bourbon

Laurence: Princess Camilla you are a close friend of Charlene, you are also family as the Bourbon-Two Sicilies and the Grimaldi family are cousins​​ so you know the two of them very well.

Her Royal Highness Princess Camilla of Bourbon Two Sicilies, Duchess of Castro, was born in Rome on 5 April 1971. The Duchess of Castro studied in New York, at the Marymount High School, and later at New York University. After living in Switzerland, Paris and Mexico, Her Royal Highness now principally lives between Rome, Monte Carlo and Paris. The Duchess is fluent in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Japanese.