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Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook and print

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may also make the colors of your design look different. Printing a test image and comparing it to what’s on your screen can give you a decent idea of how your monitor is impacting your design – and what people will see if they print your ebook at home.

When you print your ebook, how the final results look will depend on the paper and binding options you choose. Coated paper is smooth, has a satin-like finish, and is more resistant to dirt, moisture and wear. Coatings restrict how the paper absorbs the ink, which is desirable when printing sharp images. Uncoated paper is generally not as smooth and tends to be more porous, which can cause ink to spread on the paper.

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  1. With the book open, choose File > Print.

    If the printing options described below aren’t visible, click Show Details next to the PDF pop-up menu to reveal them.

  2. To print one page or a range of pages, enter the page number or range in the From and To fields.

  3. To specify printing options, choose iBooks Author from the Pages pop-up menu.

  4. Select printing options:

    • Print your book: Click Entire Book.

      To print the book’s cover or glossary terms with your book, select the Print Cover and Print Glossary Terms checkboxes.

    • Print a specific page range of your book: Click Current Selection.

  5. Click Print.

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As mentioned before, printing your ebook can help you see how it will look. This applies to professional printing too. Before submitting your file, print the ebook out with standard paper, cut it down, and do any expected folding, as may be required by a saddle stitched book. This will give you a good idea of how your project looks and, if needed, you can refine your design.

From unusual sizes and non-standard binding, to added details like ribbon markers, CD pockets, and foil stamping, we can help you find the right printer for your book.