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Prodigy by Marie Lu has a lot of imagery. Especially when June and Day first arrive in the Colonies. The colonies are glittering and beautiful it is. Day describes it as "glitter from far away". I chose the song "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" becuase the song is about standing out and the song says "Shine bright like a diamond" and the Colonies shine in the night.

Overall, Prodigy by Marie Lu was a darn good sequel that just added more to this world and understanding of ALL the forces at work here in these shambles of the US. I loved where it went plot-wise — it was incredibly exciting, brought some interesting new characters and gave us some HUGE revelations to really propel the story forward and give us a clearer picture than we had in Legend of the inner workings of the government/state of life outside of the Republic. The ending is BRUTAL and completely sucker punched me and I’m DYING to get my hands on Champion.

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– “Prodigy by Marie Lu is solid. It’s a solid second-part in the series that pretty much everyone seems to love, and I completely stand behind the reasons for this.”

We decided to read Prodigy by Marie Lu for book club since we all had read and enjoyed it and NONE of us had gotten to Prodigy. Overall, as a second book in the series, this one was really great! It was the same action-packed, cinematic story that made me fall in love with Legend but with even more world-building and some great twists. This time around though I wasn’t as in love with the characters but we’ll get to that in a bit. Overall it was one of those reads that I couldn’t read fast enough and then I got to the end and feel like I got punched in the face. MAJOR CRAZY DEVELOPMENT AT THE END.