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On March 30, 2010, an 1800-tonne vessel was bought at auction in , Ireland, for €70,000 by the . It was outfitted for use in a voyage to Gaza, named in honour of Rachel Corrie and launched May 12, 2010. It sailed to join a flotilla intended to break the . The ; however, the MV had not reached the other ships and continued towards Gaza by itself. Israeli navy officers addressed the ship as "Linda"—the vessel's name before it was renamed for Rachel Corrie. The ship was intercepted by the Israeli navy on Saturday, June 5, 2010, 23 miles off the coast, and diverted to the port of . There the cargo was to be inspected and sent over land to Gaza.

In 2009, a documentary film titled is produced by born, French-Israeli director detailing the death of Rachel Corrie from "an Israeli point of view". Its first North American public screening was at the 2009 .

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In 2005, the produced a 60 minute documentary titled , described as "a meticulous examination of" the shooting to death of , who was shot while filming in an Israeli war zone in May 2003; the shooting of British photography student in April 2003, and the death of Rachel Corrie in March 2003. The documentary claims that the attacks were not "random acts of violence", but rather "represent a culture of killing with impunity which is sanctioned by the higher echelons of the Israeli army."

Singer recounted Corrie's death in the song "The Lonesome Death of Rachel Corrie", composed to the tune of 's "". After being originally released as a free digital download, it was included on the album in 2011.