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Marie Curie: Genius Researcher of Radioactivity (Genius Scientists and Their Genius Ideas)


The international denotation of radioactivity.

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For those of us who need a refresher on the early days of radioactivity research, presents a short and approachable summary. Understanding the relationships between the many radiation researchers and their discoveries is not much less daunting than understanding the physics behind their work. The book, written by science historian Marjorie C. Malley, does an admirable job of presenting the events of a turbulent young science clearly and logically.

Fukushima Radiation : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Radiation Research Society (RADRES)

Radioactivity, Malley explains, came to the fore in 1896 when discovered that a mineral containing uranium would darken a photographic plate without light. His work followed closely on the heels of the discovery of X-rays by in 1895. Scientists were soon experimenting with uranium and other radioactive minerals and found that no outside influence—be it light, gravity, or a number of other theories tested—affected the radiation. The realization that radioactivity had an atomic origin would lead to discoveries about atomic structure, the nature of energy, and many other fundamental phenomena. Radioactivity research would also produce numerous medical procedures, like X-ray imaging and radiation treatment for tumors, as well as energy and weapons technology.

The flip side is the importance of early radioactivity research to chemistry. If there’s one lesson to be learned—or relearned—from “Radioactivity” it is that all our knowledge of nuclei, subatomic particles, nuclear forces and structure, and isotopes is a product of work done to further the understanding of radioactivity.