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The Publishers Summary needs to be revised! It is a little misleading. ???Hired gun of a financial syndicate??? isn???t even close! And he doesn???t kill a man. I cant help wondering if they even read the book or just skimmed? Maybe the summary was written before the book was complete or something but since this is my first Randy Wayne White, I chose it based on the Publishers Summary and the Narrator. The book was really interesting and entertaining just not what I was thinking. As usual the Narrator (George Guidall) delivered! I have listened to enough audio books to know that the narrator can make or break the book. Guidall never disappoints. He could read anything and make it enjoyable! Great performer! I will definitely read more of White to learn more about his Doc character but after Night Vision I understand why White is a best seller. I recomend him.

I've read all of Randy Wayne White's books, and this one was beyond disappointing. The entire book was taken up with the sick, perverted antics of the hideously twisted bad guys (and gal). There was hardly anything of Doc and Tomlinson and the gang at Dinkin's Bay, or of Doc's collecting and time on his boat among the mangroves and islands of South Florida. The violence was over the top, gratuitous and disturbingly graphic. The only redeeming aspect of the book were the two interesting characters at the center of the story: the young Guatemalan girl that Ford is out to save, and the creep who finally redeems himself through the grace of the girl's faith. Unfortunately that's not enough to save this book - not by a long shot. The Doc Ford series has been trending this way -- as do many in this genre. Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series springs to mind. Sure, they've always had some violence in them -- the very premise of the Ford character is based on a world of violence. But in the earlier books the violence did not so grossly subsume everything else. Now it seems each new release has to ratchet up the evil and the hatred and the violence. Is that really what readers want? Not me. This will be my last Doc Ford novel.

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GREG ALLEN, BYLINE: Randy Wayne White's books are mysteries, but often they're also about Florida history. In some books he writes about the Calusa Indians, who lived here thousands of years ago, building villages on huge mounds of shells.

Although I've seen some less than stellar reviews of Night Vision as compared to Randy Wayne White's previous works, I found Night Vision entertaining and a page turner. Perhaps that's because it is only the second in the Doc Ford series I've read (the first was Sanibel Flats, and I'm now reading the print version of Dead Silence). Therefore, I have little to which I can compare. I must admit I was somewhat disappointed at the rather limited role of Doc's buddy Tomlinson, and found that Tula, the gifted and mystical teen in trouble, forced me to stretch the limits of my imagination. What I did find intriguing was White's juxtaposition of saintly Tula and the evil Harris, especially the development of their characters toward the end of the book.

All in all, it was fun. Great action and suspense, excellent imagery, and notwithstanding some predictability here and there, there were some neat twists I didn't see coming. Guidall does a very good job of narration, and I think Night Vision is still a good read for Doc Ford fans even though I enjoyed Sanibel Flats much more.