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This video moves the turner to a higher level of box making. This box, with the finial lid (an inset, plug-like lid) is unique to Ray Key's work. The suction-like fit of the lid combined with the uninterrupted form of the box make each box one-of-a-kind. 45 min.

I just read a , by staff reporter , that describes Mr. Grossman's experience at . The writer, a novice wood turner, took a class with master turner Ray Key and wrote a wonderful piece about his ups and downs.

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Those words sent my imagination flying over time and space. I was high up in the rigging of Lord Nelson's flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, as the dying British admiral exhorted his crew to carry on. In fact, I and six other students were at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking on a rural road outside of Indianapolis. Our teacher, Ray Key, was a master — not of a ship but of his craft.

Ray Key has been a full time woodturner since 1973 making his home in England. His work has been featured in numerous (over 200) exhibitions worldwide. Since 1980 he has traveled widely, being invited to demonstrate at international seminars in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Israel, France and Germany. He has also run teaching workshops in most of these countries. Additionally, his work is in many major private collections worldwide and in the permanent collections of a number of museums.