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Ray Milland . Here are 25 facts about the actor best known for his role in The Lost Weekend.

Hostile Witness

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Ray Milland (3 January 1907 – 10 March 1986) was a   and .

Jamaica Run

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The Crystal Ball

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Ray Milland and Isa Miranda in Hotel Imperial (1939).

British actor and director Ray Milland (1905-1986) had a screen career that ran from 1929 to 1985. He appeared in many Hollywood movies as the archetypal, unflappable British gentleman. Milland is best remembered for his gut-wrenching, Academy Award–winning portrayal of an alcoholic writer in (1945), the murder-plotting husband in (1954), and as Oliver Barrett III in (1970).

The lists below chronicle Ray Milland's work in both film and television. Because his work in both mediums was extensive, the lists are divided on a decade-by-decade basis. The television section also contains episode listings for Milland's two series, and .

Ray Milland and Marlene Dietrich

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  • Ray Milland photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1930

    Ray Milland stumbled into acting in the late 1920s when a British filmmaker spotted him at a party and offered the 22-year-old a bit part in THE PLAYTHING (1929). After a half-dozen similarly insignificant roles in British films, "Raymond Milland" traveled to the United States under a short-term contract with to try his luck in Hollywood. shortened his first name to Ray and continued casting the acting novice in minor supporting roles, although the studio did agree to loan him out for more substantial parts in Will Rogers' AMBASSADOR BILL (1931) at in which he tries to overthrow the boy-king of a fictional European country, and' BLONDE CRAZY (1931) in which he competes with con-artist for 's affections.

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