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Red November (Revised Edition)

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Red November™ Maple - J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Red November was born of tragedy... She was beautiful and vibrant... And then... she was gone... Ripped from our lives one mild November, a decade ago... Contrary to popular belief, time does not heal all wounds. Nor do memories fade. Because of this, her passion, smile and energy radiates through every Red November song.

For Tommy "Crow" Marinelli, this was life. Melissa. A best friend… A time of loss and grief... A time of inspiration... He had an acoustic guitar, but now... Now he had a reason. His untiring will and determination combined with an eternal sense of purpose has taken Crow from the small coffee shops of Houston, Texas all the way to the Sunset Strip! After all, everything happens for a reason.

Now, Red November is gearing up to record their debut album with Universal Music Group. Along with Crow comes an electrifying band of talent with musical ability spanning all genres.

Nick Whittington once dreamed of being an Aerospace Engineer. Instead he attended The University of North Texas where he studied Jazz. Having played in several Jazz, Fusion, Funk and Christian Rock bands, his distinct guitar style adds a creative layer to the Red November sound.

Bino began playing piano and violin at a very early age. He later founded the band Infinity’s Twin, where he ingeniously fused his electric violin and classical abilities with a modern rock sound. Bino’s unique style and plucking techniques bring out the emotional element of Red November like never before.

Angel Perez has been playing drums since he was fifteen years of age. He was later signed to various independent labels playing in groups in the ranges of metal to hip-hop where he toured with many national musicians. Most recently Angel was the drummer for former Universal Recording Artist The Hunger. Angel is sure to bring a dynamic sound and perfect presence to Red November.

Alfonzo “Fonz” Lovelace is a superb multi-instrumentalist who has worked as a bass player, keyboardist, touring drummer and producer. Fonz has collaborated with many artists including Matt Furstenfeld (Blue October) and Levi Little (Black Street). His talent and versatility has proved to be the perfect additive to properly portray everything that is Red November.

Red November releases a waterfall of emotions with every performance both surreal and euphoric. Stay tuned for the yet to be titled debut album which currently has a tentative worldwide release date of April 2010, followed by an extensive North American and European tour.

Starlit Citadel reviews Red November, with Kaja Sadowski and Joanna Gaskell. In Red November, players are gnomes trapped on an experimental submarine that's in trouble, and must survive until rescue arrives. It will entertain 3-8 players for 1-2 hours.

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    There is no point to owning a game if you always pick up other, similar games first.. Red November is certainly fun and the turn order system is a cool novelty, but in my book, there are other games out there that are simply more fun which officially puts Red November on my trade list.

    Red November is filled with new revelations and never-before-reported stories that take you deep beneath the surface and into the action during the entire Cold War period from 1945 through 1992. Reed served aboard submarines involved in espionage operations, and his father was a top naval intelligence specialist intimately involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Reed is one of the first authors to obtain in-depth interviews with dozens of navy divers, espionage operatives, submariners, and government officials on both sides (including several Soviet submarine captains), who describe the most daring and decorated missions of the conflict, including the top-secret Ivy Bells, Boresight, Bulls Eye, and Holystone operations. Other events, whose full details have not been made public until now, include: