Hypothetically Speaking

Republic Day!

Happy Republic Day, India :)

Talking of Republic Day evokes memories of going to school, marching in front of the flag, getting candies and then rushing back home to watch the Republic Day parade on TV :) That was such an inseparable part of the celebration of the day.

Pssst…it is really on Jan 26th, but this is intended to be for the Indian audience who will celebrate it this evening.

Am I an old fogey?

Should I consider myself an old fogey if I am bothered by IM short-cut-speak over IMs?

Oh and here is something that happened while I was coming back from India. I had to open my carry-on bag in Bombay to be searched and the security lady trashed all my home-made chilli powder saying that it was illegal for me to carry it on the plane. Fair enough, right? I then walk into the duty-free shop to buy my friends some gifts and for sale is a cute combo-pack of curry powder/garam masala. I bought a bunch of those along with the teas for my friends and walk into the plane - as I got settled in, I try to read the list of ingredients on the curry powder and guess what? It is made with….chilly powder