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Resolutionary (Songs 1979–1982) drops on May 20. More info .

All eight songs Goldman recorded during this period are included on Resolutionary, plus a 1981 interview with Vivien. She sings in a sweet, airy soprano, harmonizing with Blouin and others, over the loping bottom and proto-EDM of dub. From the creep in "The Window" to "Private Armies" critique of violence, these are very much songs written from a woman's perspective.

Vivien began recording with experimental artists such as Steve Beresford and . Their mix of jazz, noise and riddims — which can be heard on Resolutionary tracks "The Window" and "Her Story" — helped create a blueprint for what became known as postpunk. "The spirit of the time was what comes after punk," Goldman says. "There had been that primal howl of punk, now people wanted to play a little differently, we wanted to be experimental. Improvisation was a touchstone for that time. Everybody coming out of punk wanted something free and far-ranging, to stretch out."

Viva la Resolution. Until March.

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Goldman is finally getting the recognition she deserves for her sharp ear for new sounds and her strong, feminist voice. In May the European label Staubgold released a collection of tracks she recorded with a who's who of avant luminaries in the late 1970s and early 1980s; Resolutionary: Songs 1979-1982 has been praised as "searingly relevant" and as "indispensable." Cherchez La Femme had a three-week run at La Mama in New York. And for the first time ever, the writer who has preferred to labor behind the scenes has taken the stage. Goldman says her experience during the past decade teaching classes on punk, Marley and Bowie at New York University and Rutgers gave her confidence. "Holding the attention of big classes as a professor has made me feel extra easy onstage, funnily enough," says the woman who formerly penned a BBC blog called Ask the Punk Professor.

So go ahead and be a resolutionary! Step into that gym with your head high and get going on your resolution to a healthier 2016!