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The Rice Diet Solution


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If you are thinking about shedding weight to prepare you for some wedding or some other family function, you certainly can go along with The Rice Diet Solution. Having relieved more than 18000 patients from diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases, the diet program was initially crafted to treat kidney diseases. However, the patients consuming rice as their main food item also showed improvement in cardiac diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and other weight related problems.

There would be nothing wrong if we call The Rice Diet Solution as detoxifying diet plan because the diet plan works just like fasting diets. It cleanses your body from inside by mopping all the harmful toxins and impurities.

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Devised by Duke medical researcher Walter Kempner, The Rice Diet Solution is a quick weight loss program, which will shed 30 to 40 pounds from your body in two months. The diet plan was developed way back in 1939.

The Rice Diet Solution being a strict weight loss program has forbidden several food items in the diet plan. The plan restrains the consumption of foods such as salt, sugar, packaged foods, processed foods, fats, proteins, and high foods.