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Seven Roald Dahl facts you didn’t already know – Now

If you want to know more about the man and his work, then Roald Dahl Facts is designed to provide a quick, simple and fun snapshot of some of the key facts and figures on his life and his writing.

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    There is a great deal of coverage of the life and works of the children's author and novelist Roald Dahl on the web. In this centenary year of his birth, Roald Dahl Facts aims to provide a quick and readable reference to the more significant and interesting facts and figures about Dahl, his biography, family, work and legacy.

    A tall man, Roald Dahl, was not only a pilot in Royal Air Force but one of the best authors of children books. He fought World War II and had his fighter aircraft crashed into the desert but luckily he survived. Apart from reading literature, he had a great interest in photography and he was often seen traveling different places with his camera in hands. His parents migrated from Norway to England but he was born in England in 1916. So let’s have a look at Roald Dahl facts for kids about this wonderful and versatile personality.